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Am 26.1.2021 begann am Institut für IPR und Rechtsvergleichung der Uni Bonn unser Workshop IPR & Rechtsvergleichung, in dem wir auf regelmäßiger Basis mit Kollegen aktuelle Forschungsfragen des IPR und der Rechtsvergleichung diskutieren. Die Workshop-Serie wird im Sommersemester an der Universität Göttingen fortgesetzt.

Der Workshop stellt ein Forum dar, das über die Grenzen der Universität Göttingen hinaus Wissenschaftler dieses Fachgebiets regelmäßig zusammenbringt. Das Programm im Sommersemester wird in Kürze an dieser Stelle veröffentlicht werden.



Aktuelles Programm:


Surrogacy poses a challenge for national legislatures, as it has been become a global phenomenon. Based on the comparative research (published as Eastern and Western Perspectives on Surrogacy - Intersentia) I have undertaken together with my colleague Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn, we have categorised the various approaches into four basic groups: Prohibitive; Tolerant; Free Market; Regulatory. This categorisation subsequently was adopted by UN Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children in her report on the rights of children born through surrogacy arrangements.

In the comparative study we confronted the reality that there is a global surrogacy market and concluded that, irrespective of how one’s views on surrogacy from a moral or ethical perspective, on a national level a regulatory approach is the only appropriate answer to the issues surrogacy raises and the best way to protect those involved. Neither the prohibitive nor the tolerant approach can effectively prevent or reduce abuse and exploitation, and indeed often even have a contrary effect. On an international level, an instrument providing for the recognition of parenthood legally established in another state is needed urgently, and it is to be hoped that the Hague Conference’s Project on Parentage/Surrogacy will lead to such an international convention (see HCCH | The Parentage / Surrogacy Project).






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